Wednesday, July 8, 2015

June 21

Today, my host family took me on a hiking trip. We loaded up and took a drive to the base of the Black Forest. The drive seemed to take forever, but it was worth it. We arrived at the start of a long trail leading up a mountain and into the dense forest. When I asked where the end was, Emanuel pointed behind me to a trail leading over a small hill.  he then told me that the whole trek would last about an hour.  I wasn't really sure if that was true, but Emanuel's parrents assured me that it was a relatively short hike.  The next hour was packed with fantastic mountain views, beautiful meadows, and mesmerizing forest trails. I really had a grasp for the German countryside.  When we finished, we had lunch at a small Bavarian restaurant at the end of the trail.  There, we ate schnitzel the dive of small dinner plates and salads that were greener than the forest we had just come from. The meal was excellent, and was perfect for the drive back home. It was a great day, and I enjoyed it immensely.


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